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Endocrine Glands – The Regulators Of The Body

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Nature has provided the body with proper regulators and protectors. These are the endocrine glands. They are inter-related and dependent on each other, so when treating one gland, it is necessary to treat the other gland. The knowledge so far available in the west is very limited. However, yogis in India were aware of their value and their great importance, and used them as chakras which was used as healing together with Ayurveda treatments.

Pineal Gland (Sahasrara)

Regulates water balance and acts as a manager of all the glands; controls cerebro fluid keeping the body energised, strong and healthy and balancing sex desire. Stimulates growth of nerves. Malfunctioning of this gland leads to high blood pressure and also premature awakening of sex glands. Controls the potassium /sodium balance in the body and so its malfunctioning leads to excessive retention of fluids in the body which can be mistaken for kidney disease or sweating of the palms of the hands and feet even in cold weather.

Pituitary Gland (Ajna)

Controls air and space and is the King of all glands. Controls the growth of the body and brain power and memory, will-power, sight and hearing and rectifies the faults of other glands. As this gland controls the growth of the body it can lead to people becoming large in size and on the other hand becoming dwarfs. With proper treatment of this gland in most cases teachers and parents will get amazing results .As this gland is situated on the head it is harmful to hit children on the head.

Thyroid / Parathyroid (Vishudha)

Controls temperature regulation for the heart and lungs. It governs the energy production through the control of calcium and our metabolism. As it digests calcium and eliminates poisons and toxins they assist in controlling the heat of the body helping to maintain good health. If these glands do not function properly, weakness, disease and even weak muscles occur. Rickets, and convulsion occur and the child becomes fat and dull. Similarly an overworked gland can lead to bulging eyes, goitre, protruding adams apple and a tendency to become a bully. When this gland is balanced it helps build human qualities, love, capacity for high thinking and concentration leading to a balanced temperament.

Thymus (Anahata)

Acts as a Godmother till a child reaches puberty. It protects the growing child against any disease and the child will develop properly in body and mind. Once the body is fully developed, this gland shrinks and stops its activities.

Solar Plexus / Pancreas Glands (Manipur)

Controls the fire (heat) and production of digestive juices ( sugar-glucose) in the bodyby creating insulin . Regulates the movement of stools and urine; also controls the organs below the diaphragm. Over functioning of this gland can lead to low blood pressure and migraine headache.

Adrenals (swadhistana)

Regulates blood and sugar levels; controls stress activities and character building and controls sodium and water balance. These glands control the spleen, liver and gall bladder and assist in the creation of bile and digestive juices. They also intensify the flow of blood, help proper oxygenation and develop and inspire leadership. They play an important part in the character building of a child. With a balanced gland one has an inner energy, and courage and keenness of perception and a drive to action.

Sex Glands (Mooladhar)

Controls water and phosphorous content and produces sex hormones. These glands maintain the unbroken chain of procreation, regulating water, nerves, and cells, fresh, bones, bone marrow and semen. They regulate the digestion of phosphorous in the body thus regulating heat in the body.

These main endocrine glands produce internal secretions which when mixed with blood, build the body to maintain a healthy condition. Our emotions are also controlled by the organs and glands. The main function for these glands is to maintain a healthy metabolism, regulate the function of all the organs and the brain, and to protect the body against environment and illness.

Bibliography: Devendra Vora from ‘Health in your Hands’

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