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Beauty Beyond Colon Cleansing
Your Body's worst enemy is your Stomach
Live a Natural way to a healthy non -toxic body
Detoxify the Colon and increasing vitality and energy within

Asthma, Eczema, constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Spastic Colon, Blood Pressure, Aches and Pains, Fatigue , Insomnia,.Depression , Indigestion, Bloatedness, Acid Reflux, Metal Poisoning, Candida, Thrush, Hay Fever, Acne, Psoriasis.

None of these conditions are new to man and yet we all repeatedly suffer from the one or a combination of many above. When the products available to treat these conditions have actually saturated the main market, but continue to suffer , what does one do? Forget the glossy packaging , brand names and advertising and turn to what has been used for centuries by man to treat age-old problems and still remains one of the most deliberately under marketed products currently in circulation: Bentonite Clay.

But I don't have any Toxins in my body ……

This is the biggest myth and shows ignorance of blasphemous proportions. The simple truth is if you live on Earth and therefore no one is immune to the toxins that cause any of the above -mentioned ailments . Such toxins are continually deposited in the body through contact with our environment and from our diets.The more polluted our world becomes has a direct impact on how polluted we become.

The toxins or metals are slowly poisoning the body and contribute to things such as sluggishness and advanced aging among other conditions. Bentonite Clay directly absorbs any toxic substances imaginable .

Impurities, harmful bacteria, poisons, pesticides, pathogens, parasites and more that can be seen on the list below. It does this without posing any side effects in us, because it can't be directly absorbed by the body. The clay has the power to absorb and eliminate all of the following:

  • Caffeine
  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Lead from Auto-motive exhaust
  • Food additives and Preservatives
  • Radiation & Chemotherapy
  • Reducing swelling caused from insect bites
  • Dealing with various cancers associated with environmental
  • Food Poisoning & Bacteria and viruses
  • Reducing pain from Burns

Why so Effective:

Bentonite Clay has negative charge and most toxins in our body have a positive charge. The magnetism of the clay literally pulls the built up metals or toxins from the body. Its that simple.

The Bentonite Clay is also an effective detoxifier with substances that absorb toxins from our GI tract. Because clay can never be absorbed by the body, it is in no way poisonous . It does the important duty of absorbing all the toxic substances from our mucous linings by acting as a magnet that attracts toxins in a way that in a way that is immediately experienced. When one takes the Psyllium Husks, the holistic cleansing process is completed as the husks actually push or expel all the toxic substances out of the body. Psyllium Husks will be dealt with in more detail a little later.

Who used before Me?

Healing clays in general have been around for thousands of millenia. Such clays have been used in rituals , to cure diseases and as a dietary supplements in some of the oldest human civilizations . In ancient Arabia , for example , doctors were taught the methods of ‘ Clay Therapy'. In the modern era, German Troops were treated with' clay therapy' to reduce the effects of Diarrhea,food poisoning and infections due to wounds . French and Russians troops were given clay in their daily rations resulting in the lowest dysentery rates among troops to that date in history of warfare.

Bentonite Clay is still used by Russian nuclear engineers to protect them from radiation because it is such an efficient absorber. It was placed upon the Chernobyl disaster site to help reduce the effects of radiation in the atmosphere. In fact, during the Chernobyl catastrophe in Ukraine, it was used to shield the bodies of scientists from all ill-effects of radiation.

Psyllium Husks

The Psyllium Husks is basically fibre and is made up of complex carbohydrates. Its extracted from the plant called Psyllium and therefore, Bentonite Clay , is completely natural .The husks are known Ispaghula or Isabgol have a unique ability to expand to a gel-like constituency when in contact with water and become mucilaginous. They have circulated through the civilizations of mankind for centuries .

Why Bother?

If one is remotely constipated, one is simply unhealthy and not living at optimum level. In fact, if you have ever eaten fast food or followed an inorganic diet , then you are also unhealthy. The Husks actually prevents and / directly targets constipation, bloatedness and the effects of junk or inorganic food which promotes general colon health and increases longevity.

How does it work in the Body?

The natural fibre in Psyllium increases the weight of our Bowels and act as a safe laxative .It visibly swells when they come in contact with water and have the power to absorb anything that is 8-16 times its weight. Rest- assured then that no matter how much junk food you have eaten in the past, the husks can suck it up . It forms a gelatin – like mass in the colon, which keeps the bowels nice and soft. This mass also helps absorbs toxins located in our bowels. When used in combination with the Clay, One can be sure that the toxins absorbed by the Clay are expelled from the body with the Husks.

What can they offer to our health?

  • Ease pain of hemorrhoids and cystitis and IBS
  • Natural weightloss.
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol levels and Healthy Blood pressure levels
  • Treats directly yeast infections and pushes mucous plaque
  • Treats Diabetes and eliminates constipation


There is just no better holistic treatment on the market other than a combination of Psyllium Husks and Bentonite Clay and being 100% natural means that side effects are almost nil with one's body operating at optimum level.

Here's to you, Disease, Misery and Medicine Free….Naturally

And The Cherry On the cake is you can add the clay as a face mask for 10 minutes to give you a beautiful smooth clean, clear skin making you look 10 years younger .