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Simple Steps to a Healthier You

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  1. Eat Breakfast: Start your day right. Breakfast jump starts your metabolism and can help you for the rest of the day.
  2. Balance your food choices: mix your different foods like proteins, starch, veggies and fruits. Generally the brighter the colour the more vitamins and minerals you will be getting.
  3. Get moving: exercise in different forms helps the metabolism and circulation to get going.Periodic 10 min bouts of exercise can be as effective as 30 min session.
  4. Eat foods you enjoy: be creative in the foods you eat and make low fat, healthy choices tasty so that you enjoy eating healthy.
  5. De-stress your life: Find simple ways to take you away from stress and add some fun to your life.
  6. Choose Healthy Snacks in between meals; Research shows that healthy snacks in between meals are far beneficial to control your appetite and lose weight.
  7. Drink plenty H2O: drinking water is not only good for you, but it promotes weight loss.

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