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Soul And Energy Healing

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Soul Healing deals with energy. Our soul is electromagnetic radiation, equivalent to a television or radio signal. In order to heal ourselves, we must raise the quality of our soul’s energy. Accessing our higher self is the most efficient way to raise the quality of our soul’s energy, and then the emotional and physical immune system of our body, so that we may fight diseases.

We need to take charge of ourselves and empower our lives to evolve spiritually and rise above the need to suffer from disease. Do we not all want to improve our health and well-being? Taking charge of our life requires empowerment to heal our lives physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Ultimately only we can take this responsibility and be one with the universe to be whole and perfect as our only right, it should be.

Exploring your own self-awareness, accessing your higher self, and raising the quality of your own soul’s energy are the basis of spiritual growth and taking control of our own destiny.

Soul healing demonstrates that our life on earth is an opportunity to let the energy of love flow through us, to enrich our lives and to heal us.

For when we join with to the light that is all around us soul healing must follow.

St. Augustine said that healing miracles do not occur contrary to nature, nor are they supernatural events. These miracles simply transcend what are presently known as natural forces.

All forms of natural healing are actually auric healing as they work with energy and the aura. The only difference lies in the method of healing used. Spiritually developed people tend to have a very bright, clear aura that seems to project a little farther than average, especially around the head. This is the halo of light seen around the heads of saints and holy people.

Energies from outside a person, and changes brought about from within through the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual activities all leave an impression on an individual’s energy patterns. And the aura‘s intensities will determine on the individuals feelings and emotions.

Penetrating the physical body is a more subtle body, vibrating at a higher frequency. This second body has come to be known as the etheric body.

The etheric body contains an energy blueprint upon which the physical body is shaped and anchored. It contains the structures that allow us to absorb high – frequency energy of various kinds, including the vital force (prana).It process them and passes them into the physical. These structures were seen by the sages of India thousands of years ago and they called it chakras and also called vortices or our endocrine glands in English terminology.

These chakras are the energy centers of the human body which allow energy to flow in and out. Aura Healing has been practised for over 5,000yrs , and is nothing new in the east as this is a common practice of natural healing in combination with a variety of treatments like ayurveda , acupuncture , pranic healing, meditation, yoga ,reflexology, massage , shiatsu, thai chi, chi gong, martial arts etc,

The body generates all the time and health problems arise when internal bodily communications are blocked. These blocks are between different chakras and are thought to be caused by genetic weakness, lifestyle, diet, injury, environment factors or difficult emotions. In other words not being at ease can cause dis-ease or disease. Healers believe that chakras may also be too wide opened by drug or toxic chemicals, while tears in the aura can allow energy to seep out, leading to chronic fatigue. Even when the physical body has been healed the aura can retain damage and pain without you being aware of it.

The aura is a pulsating field of seven invisible layers, which link our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves. If we are healthy, vital energy flows naturally up from the base of the spine, radiates out from the seven chakras and rises through the crown of the head into the aura. This energy permeates the aura, is re-absorbed via the chakras and returned back to the base of the spine

Auric and Reiki Healers can rectify these blockages and seal the faults and leakages in the auric fields to prevent further leakages thus clearing the whole field and rebalancing the body

Healers use Hands on healing (Reiki) visualizing colours for healing to clear the chakras and the aura.Bibliography: Dr Bruce Goldberg / Natural Alternatives

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