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The Body Does Not Lie

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I found over the years how clearly illness, emotions and environment affect people on so many levels that I was forced to look deep into myself and see how I could help myself, my family and clients in the best way I could. Diet was not the only factor .there was more to life than just eating although eating had such an important part in our health. It was clearly a Body, Mind and Spirit journey that needed to be integrated at a much deeper level in our lives. We needed to be understood and we needed to understand others of their feelings.

Everything we eat, breathe, drink. Feel, think, say, do and absorb has a chemical reaction on the body but the process has one of two results. It either supports the body or weakens it. If the body is weakened or damaged, high levels of acidity can set in that need to be neutralised. If the body is unable to do this, the acidity accumulates and develops into a chronic state which is the breeding ground for disease and degeneration. This is known as acidosis.

If it is left uncontrolled, this on-going acid state can lead to negative consequences for just about every part of the body. Naturopaths and a growing number of Health specialists see disease as being triggered in the body when our blood and fluids become too acidic.” The countless names of illness do not really matter .What does matter is that they all come from the same root.” Too much acid waste in the body.

Germs need an acidic environment

Germs need an acidic environment in which to flourish and all sorts of problems are being associated with acidosis eg. Gout, arthritis, rheumatism, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea and headaches, raised blood pressure, body pain, rapid aging, bad breath, and smelly feet. Diabetes can follow and even some believe even cancer.

Vitality and Health

Our vitality and health has a profound effect on our relationships on so many levels of our life. We need to be always on the alert and happy to do the work we need to, to take care of our loving families, be co-operative , pro-active, and productive in all aspects of our life. We need vital energy to travel long distances to and from work for efficient productivity. Our energies get sapped by the daily demands of our hectic life style so caring for our bodies has become an essential need to survive. Where do we start with the first step to reorganize our lifestyle to be Healthy, Wealthy and Happy? Well we can begin by concisely being in sync with our body , mind and spirit and listening to the underlining aches and pains our bodies are telling us and understand how our bodies work and how to feed it. Knowing how to get the correct Ph which is the Acid/Alkalinity levels, corrected to avoid serious illness.

Feeding our bodies with the correct nutrition for our blood type from a young age can prevent serious illness as we get older. We can grow into healthy adults and not have illness like Heart Disease, Diabetes, Eczema, Bowel disorders, migraines, Sinus, Arthritis and the list goes on. Your blood type is the key to your body’s immune system and it controls the influence of viruses, infections, and stress that will influence the body system so understanding who you are in body, mind and spirit will make you happy, comfortable and productive in your life and place of work.

Well-researched studies by Peter D’adamo and his team in California have resulted in his bestselling book ‘Eat Right 4 Your Type’ He claims that people who use his food recommendations to recover or maintain their health and to lose weight have an 80% success rate . The aim is to avoid food that adversely affects your blood type. Lectins are substances in foods that control how food reacts in the body. Because lectins are ‘decoded’ by blood type- specific antigens in the blood to affect cell agglutinations, digestion , immunity, hormonal reactions and even the rate of inflammation , your blood type determines whether foods will have a beneficial or an adverse effect on you.

For more information on health and eat for blood type visit Let’s treat the cause and not the symptoms.

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