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Aura Cleanse and Meridian Massage

A meridian massage is an ancient form of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which is usually practiced together with a combination of other types of Chinese medicine practices such as Chinese herbal medicine and acupressure. Meridian massage therapy is a form of alternative medicine that helps with full body relaxation and treating musculoskeletal disorders produced my unbalanced lifestyles. The AURA can be considered like the energetic territory, or spiritual skin. An aura is something that every living organism has. Some perceive it as a halo or aureole of colored energy, emanating from the body. It is a protective energetic boundary. When there is damage to the aura, it affects the entire organism. Chronic and serious aura damage or insufficiency is usually caused by damage from the environment, such as abusive and unhealthy living, work situations resulting in trapped emotions. Though aura problems can be disconcerting, they are both instructive and eminently fixable.

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