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Why Is Massage So Popular

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For most people it is a natural reaction to reach out and touch in comfort, love and affection, to soothe and rub painful parts of the body, and to caress or hold someone in a gesture of sympathy and concern. When there is no-one to touch an unhappy, hurt or lonely person, you will often find that they will be withdrawn and will touch and hug themselves much of the time. Many people craving for touch will often seek out a masseur, just to experience the touch of another person.

Combined with the right techniques, and a caring and sympathetic attitude, massage is one of the most healing, deeply relaxing experiences available to mankind. it relieves all forms of tension and stress , and restores suppleness to tight and sore muscles , improving the cardiovascular function of carrying oxygen and nutrients to cells, tissues , and internal organs. It also breaks down waste products trapped in muscles, assisting in decongestion and elimination, boosting the immune system and inducing a state of balance and wellbeing in the recipient.

The body, through its own movement, the pumping of the heart, the contraction and relaxation of the muscles, and the circulation of the blood in the arteries and veins, is constantly in the process of massaging itself. When movement stops or slows down, swelling, muscular pain and general stiffness occurs.

What Causes The Symptoms Of Stress?

High stress levels are not only due to psychological problems but are accompanied by chemical changes within the body, as described above, where irritating acidic, wastes accumulate in the muscles, and can linger for days and even weeks, causing discomfort.

Certain areas in the body can become sluggish either through constant tension or disease. Stagnant tissues, packed with irritating wastes, become tense and tend to remain that way, resisting the effects of exercise and various drugs. Every muscle, all areas of the skin, and every nerve cell requires a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients in order to function properly. Cells are constantly bathed in blood-soluble nutrients combined with oxygen, which combusts to produce energy.

Normally most toxins are expelled from the tissues via the intricate capillary and lymphatic systems, but when there is stress, the gasses, toxins, and waste products of this combustion are not readily expelled from the cells, but remain there. The entire vascular and lymphatic system contracts causing the major blood vessels to visibly contract and smaller ones to sometimes close down completely, blocking almost all waste disposal from the surrounding tissues. The blood supply to the tissues is then reduced as the oxygen rate declines, causing muscles to tighten, pressing hard against the lymph and blood vessels, resulting in constriction. Relaxation becomes impossible as the muscles are constantly irritated from within and eventually the stressed person becomes poisoned by their own toxic wastes.

Massage The Best Way To Relieve Stress

Massage counters the effect of stress creating gentle changes within the body. During massage a cleansing process takes place on cellular level. The body begins to release toxins and waste products such as adrenalin, probably the most stressful chemical, at a rate of 50% faster than it would normally expel it . As wastes and toxins are pushed out of the body through various massage techniques, the capillary and venous systems are operated and great quantities of oxygen and nutrients are pumped into the tissues making the body feel refreshed, relaxed, calm, and energized.

Massage when done to the face, soothes out the nerves that supply the facial muscles, expelling the same kind of chemicals and acids that are accumulated in the rest of the body and the nerves. Wrinkles are smoothed away leaving a relaxed and composed person. Even the brain is soothed via the nervous system, creating a sense of calm and balance and helping the person to clear their mind of all worries. Massage done to the head stimulates the surface blood vessels and the sebaceous glands, which secrete various oils causing even the hair to appear glossy and moisturised.

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